Implementation of Reforestation and Reclassification of Connecting Biological Corridor in Trumon Corridor in Aceh Selatan

funded by Indonesian Forest and Climate Support (IFACS-USAID)

This project aims to facilitate implementation of reforestation and reclassification of connecting biological corridor in Trumon corridor in Aceh Selatan. The main activities include:
1. Conducting a land use change analysis and evaluating the biodiversity potential in the Singkil – Bengkung area (corridor area);
2. Submitting information gathered in Task 1 above to support a request to the Government for the reclassification of the connection corridor area to become a protection forest (Hutan Lindung) area;
3. Mapping target locations in the connecting corridor for restoration activities and identifying specifically those areas that require reforestation;
4. Conducting reforestation in collaboration with the local community in both Naca and Ie Jeurneh villages; and
5. Conducting training and capacity building for community groups.